Sunday, September 19, 2010

October 12th Activity

Our next activity is October 12th, at the church at 7pm. We will have a free class on learning how to make egg rolls by Sister Young Louie. We also have various crafts to sign up for. Here are pictures below with prices. You can leave a comment to order, email me, call me, or sign up at church. Any will be great. We dont want anyone to miss out on this fun night!
These are super cute cards!!
Belive Card $2.00
Celebrate Card $2.oo
Thank You Card $2.00
Blank Card with a Bee on the front. $2.00
Happy Birthday Card $2.00
Baby Card $2.00
This is a board with hooks, and a cork board with ribbon. Very Cute! $10.00
This is a Gospel ABC Book (Quiet book)
There are spots to personalize it with pictures. $7.15 each.
Set of 3 super cute pumpkins. $10 for a set.
Super cute soap bottles. Pick a letter. Single flower. Lots of flowers.
Beach theme, Fall Heart Tree, Santa.
Sleigh, Tree, snowflakes. All soap bottles are $1.25 each. Soap included!
Super cute blocks of wood, with scrapbook paper and vinyl on top. Choose, "Family is Everything" "Happy Harvest" "Jesus is the reason for the season" They are $4each.
So now your job is to let us know what you would like to order. If you dont want to do any of these crafts, come learn how to make eggrolls and hangout with us!! Any questions, let us know. Thanks!!