Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Newsletter

Presidency Message
A friend of Elder Neil L. Andersen lost his young daughter in a tragic accident. The friend felt unbearable sorrow and began to waver in his testimony. As Elder Anderson laid his hands on the friend's head, he felt to tell him that “Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision.” Elder Andersen said, “As disciples of the Lords Jesus Christ, we have enormous spiritual reservoirs of light and truth available to us . . . In our days of difficulty, we choose the road of faith” (Ensign, Nov. 2008, p. 13). President Monson reminds us, “The future is as bright as your faith” (Ensign, May 2009, p. 92). Sisters, no matter our situations in life, let us choose to press forward in faith.
The RS Presidency

Relief Society Commemoration
Tuesday, March 9 is this month's activity. It will focus on our "Purse"onal journey through Relief Society. Come enjoy a fun dinner with Purse centered games and some great insight to how Relief Society is for everyone. Don't forget your purses!!! 6:30, our building. Children's class provided.

Sister Spotlight
Bonnie Peterson was born and raised in Bemidji Minnesota. She was the sixth child out of nine children. She has four brothers and four sisters. After High school Bonnie attended Ricks College. Once she finished her two years there she moved to Utah with her eldest sister. Shortly after she moved to Utah she went on her mission, she served the West Virginia Charleston Mission. After her mission she returned to Utah. A few years later she decided to spend a summer in Petersburg AK. She stayed with some friends and worked in their restaurant. Bonnie learned that waitressing was not her forte’. But she did get to Salmon fish, she caught one that summer.
She met her husband Kelly while cheering for the guys basketball team at their singles ward. Kelly took an interest in Bonnie as she cheered on the teams. He knew her roommate and asked her if Bonnie might have an interest in him. The rest is history. They now have three girls Shannon 21, Leah 18 and Katie 15.
One thing you may not know about Bonnie is that she is very competitive, when it comes to sports. Her hobbies are genealogy, gardening and camping. She currently works part time as a media assistant at an elementary school where she gets to spend her days reading to children and teaching them about the library.

AnnouncementsMar 6 – Scout-A-Rama kickoff
Mar 9 –Relief Society Dinner 6:30
Mar 11 – Ward “Days of 47” Float building assignment
Mar 13 – Ward Temple night
Mar 10 – New Beginnings for all Young Women and their parents
Mar 23 – Cub Scout Meeting
Mar 27 – General Young Women’s meeting and Stake YW Recognition Dinner

Happy Birthday!Mar 14- Caylynne Reed
Mar 16 – Coralynn Cook
Mar 20 – Janet Ewell
Mar 25 – Cassie Orman
Mar 26 – Dawn Lords
Mar 28 – Nila Eldredge

Lesson Schedule
Mar 7 – Presidency Lesson
Mar 14 – Ch. 5 The Creation
Mar 21 – Ch. 6 The Fall of Adam & Eve
Mar 28 – Pres. Uchtdorf “Two Principles for Any Economy” Nov 2009 Ensign

Group Temple Times
Bonnie Peterson attends on the first Thursday of each month at 7:15 am and the second Thursday of the month at 9:15 and does initiatory.
Dawn Lords attends the fourth Thursday of the month at 10 am and does an Endowment session.
Anyone who would like to go with them is welcome to.

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