Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Newsletter

Dear Sisters, This month we welcome the Young Women who are advancing into Relief Society. This is just one of many changes and transitions happening in their lives. Let us be mindful of them. Let us extend the hand of sisterhood and make a place for them in our hearts. Let us share our love of the Lord and Relief Society with them. Sister Julie B. Beck, Relief Society General President, said, “Through Relief Society, sisters can receive answers to their questions and be blessed by the combined spiritual power of all the sisters. Relief Society validates the true and eternal nature of daughters of God. It is a sacred trust, a guiding light, and a system of watchcare that teaches and inspires women to be strong and immovable.” These things are true! Let us share these truths with our new sisters. The RS Presidency


“The Pursuit of Excellence is an achievement challenge designed to help a participant develop a Christlike life of love and service. Accomplishing this objective requires a diligent and serious effort in fundamental aspects of a truly Christian life—spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and in service and character.”

June 2 Cannery Assignment
June 2 Graduation
June 3 Stake Blood Drive
June 5 Stake Baptism
June 7-11 Oakcrest
June 8 Relief Society Activity
June 10 Round Table
June 11-13 YSA Summit
June 12 Ward Temple Night
June 17-19 Varsity Big Event
June 19 Tri-Stake Youth Dance
June 22 Cub Scout Pack Meeting
June 25-26 Youth Conference
June 26 Dry Pack
June 28-July 3 BSA Kodiak

June 3 – Breauna Harr
June 7 – Mary Deans
June 8 - Glenda Anderson
June 8 – Krista Warner
June 11 – Lauri Lund
June 11 – Wendy Wotring
June 12 – Nicole Anderson
June 12 – Janene Turpin
June 15 – Elva Harper
June 15 – Vickie Filoso
June 18 – Tani Jones
June 20 – Linae Sanderson
June 23 – Mackenzie K. Bath
June 24 – Karen Johnson
June 26 – Jill Jorgensen
June 27- Cathy Bass
June 27 – La Nae D’addabbo
June 28 – Gayla Anderson

June 6 Relief Society Presidency
June 13 Chpt 11
June 20 Chpt 12
June 27 Elder Dallin H. Oaks "Healing the Sick"


Caylynne Reed was born in Salt Lake City, UT. As a child she moved to CA., CT. and then to ID. where she spent most of her childhood. She then served a mission in Canada, she served the Halifax, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick mission. Caylynne also attended BYU where she obtained a degree in Law. While attending BYU she met her husband Garth. Garth was "crashing" a ward dance and Caylynne was trying to avoid dancing with someone she had no interest in. In her attempt to get away from this gentleman she ran into Garth and asked him to dance. They now have two boys, Jeff who is 20 years old and is currently serving a mission and Stephen 18 who is attending BYU and is hoping to go on his mission starting this summer. Caylynne and Garth will be moving in the next couple of months to Guatamala, they plan on living there for four years.
Those of you who know Caylynne may already know that she is a very relaxed person, she enjoys her morning walks. She also loves all of the sisters in the ward and will miss each and every one of you.

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