Friday, June 19, 2009

Pressure Canning and Pressure Cooking

Thank you Nancy Smith and Shelli Smith for the great class on pressure cooking and pressure canning. We loved it and learned so much! Just a little info from the class. You can pressure cook anything that can be boiled, steamed or braised. Nancy cooked frozen chicken in 10 min. She made a enchilada casserole in less then 20 min!!! It was wonderful! Then, Shelli showed us pressure canning. She took her thawed but not cooked chicken breast, cut it up and smashed it into the jar. No water added, put the seal on the jar and pressure canned it. Amazing!! So much cheaper then buying canned meat. Plus she showed us some bbq pork that she has done that her family gobbles up! Thanks ladies for all of the great info! Some resources are and

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