Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GM 2nd Ward Enriching Ideas September 2009

We live in a great day of temple building around the world. The adversary surely is mindful of the increasing number of temples that now dot the earth. Faithful Saints have been strengthened by adversity, and are the recipients of the Lord’s tender mercies. Like the pioneers who found the place which God for them prepared; we can fresh courage take, knowing our God will never us forsake. It is the fire of the temple covenant that burned in their hearts that gave them strength. It was their commitment to worship and honorably holding a name and standing in the house of the Lord. (taken from Elder Bednar’s conference talk 05/2009)
We know that we’ve been given the blessing of temples in our lives as a refuge and protection from the storms of life. We love and care about each of you, and pray that we’ll remain true and steadfast to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is where we’ll find the direction and happiness we are looking for in our lives.
Have a wonderful September! The GM Relief Society Presidency,
Nina Biesinger, Lauri Lund, Summer Gordon, & Heather Hansen

Food Storage
Because food is so important to good health and even to life itself, it is one of the most important parts of a home storage program. It is wise to store the basic foods our families are willing to eat, and to know how to prepare the foods in order to avoid wasting food during times of emergency. Store a variety of foods, because we need variety during emergencies in order to maintain good health. The needs of your family will determine the amount of food you should store.
Visiting Teaching Message- quote
Sister Julie Beck (General R.S. President) outlined three things to help us in our goal to obtain eternal life. They are:
Increase in faith and personal righteousness.
Strengthen families and homes.
Serve the Lord and His children. This also means to seek out and care for the poor and needy.
As we pursue these goals, we will be ready and willing to teach and serve those we Visit Teach. The Lord has promised that He will strengthen us. He will help us.

Happy Birthday!
04-Maria Sanders
05-Sarah Frank & Summer Gordon
06-Amy Kelley, Heather Shell, & Kristi Saunders
08-Marsha Oldroyd
09-Tina Jessee & Angelique Petrick
10-Leah MacPherson
14-Lisa Webster
16Shayla Anderson
17-Lisa Evans & Andrea Nevin
22-Cynthia Miller
29-Steffaine Orman
30Ashley Kurowski

Saturday the 19th at 9:00am we’re having our Emergency Preparedness Fair. Come learn what you need to be prepared. After a light lunch the pouch and canning machines will be available for product you bring.

RS Lessons
9/6-Elder Bednar;s “Honorably Hold a Name & Standing”
9/13- Ch. 39 Divine Organization of Women
9/20- Ch.40 How Glorious are Faithful, Just &True Friends
9/27- Thomas S. Monson- “Be Your Best Self”


Adrianne said...

I love that you post the newsletter on here. It makes it so much more accessible. The one thing that I didn't see on the calendar is the 24th broadcast at the stake center. I believe that is this month.

We don't have any play dates scheduled do we? If anyone is interested, I would be happy to have everyone over to my house to play.

summer said...

Play dates sound like fun, when would you like to get together?
As for the 24th broadcast- I think it's on Saturday the 26th? I also think they are having a dinner before the broadcast, but I don't know all of the details yet. I'll post it when I know.