Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October 14th Relief Society Activity

October 14th we are having a Relief Society activity. Craft Night. 7pm at the church. Look at these pictures of crafts we are doing. With General Conference this sunday we only have one other sunday to sign up. See what you would like to sign up for and then click on the "comments" at the bottom. In the comments you can leave your order and we will get it. Please spread the word.

Journal Jar. Inside has lots of slips of papers with ideas of what to write in your journal. $4.20

Photo Box $2.00

We will supply lots of various paper to make a cute box. You supply the pictures of course!

Prophet Book. A older kids "Quiet Book." $2.15each Boy or Girl on the cover?

Lots of great information on all of the prophets with a picture of them.

Fall Wreath $7.50

Christmas Candle Jar $4.00

Leave a comment with what you would like. We will need your money before the 14th. Any questions contact Jill Jorgensen or Nicole Campbell. Hope to see you there!


Kelly Davis said...

I would like to order 2-photo boxes and 1 fall wreath.

Adrianne said...

I want to order at least one prophet book. Great ideas.

summer said...

I would like at prophet book. Thanks!

Jill said...

Summer and Adrianne do you want a boy or girl on the cover? Just need to know what copies to make. :)

Heather said...

I would like a prophet book with a girl on the cover. Thanks!!